Cost Management

Cost Management Overview


The Fleet Consult will conduct a thorough analysis of your fleet's cost structure and identify areas with the greatest potential for improvement. The underlying goal is to eliminate leakages in your fueling, repair and maintenance processes through which your company has been losing money. Introducing water-tight solutions and systems can go a long way in causing the required transformation. 


Our consulting team will help you develop an all-encompassing budget and cultivate a budget discipline which most companies can only dream of. We shall set you up with the building blocks for creating a fleet budget using superior formats and templates, set goals, forecasting, projection, and tracking results against your budget.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

We operate with a whole lifecycle approach in mind not just the ‘now’ cost of running and operating an asset. This requires taking proactive steps to protect the long-term asset value, for example, negotiation of cheap, fixed and long-term servicing and maintenance plans with the best suppliers known to run similar assets for desired periods. With our unmatched market knowledge,  awareness of both fixed and variable costs and insight that what looks cheap now may not be in the long run, we are best suited to run this model for you.


We aim to lower your cost per Km in your company, reducing your business cost. Your dashboards will illuminate this at every glance allowing for the following advantages:

  • A budget discipline with linkages to overall company goals and objectives including cost and safety goals.
  • The TCO approach is broader and looks at the overall fleet costs for the business as opposed to analysis of variable costs only, leading to better business decisions.
  • Proper management of fleet costs is a recipe for overall business profitability.


We have wide experience in managing Fleets from the most demanding and challenging industries. It is this experience that we replicate for our clients to help them make the best acquisition, maintenance, utilization, tracking, and disposal decisions.

Our consulting team will help you get the most benefits from a fuel card system plus track and monitor fuel usage using a Fleet Fuel Management System. The system provides detailed reports on fuel consumption, mileage, and efficiency. We also identify irregularities and instances of fuel theft.

Gain full-time visibility and access to all facets of individual driver behaviour for teams by use of telematics, and dashcams. We identify improvement areas by measuring driver performance and closing gaps using proactive stakeholder training action plans.