Driver Productivity


Through measuring driver performance, The Fleet Consult identifies improvement areas and closes gaps using proactive training action plans and safety briefs.

Our consultants will demonstrate why improving driver productivity is a continuous process, and it requires a combination of optimizing operations, leveraging technology, and investing in driver skills and well-being.

Efficient Route Planning:

Have seamless journeys by making route plans, considering traffic conditions, road closures, and delivery schedules. This minimizes travel time and maximizes the number of deliveries or pickups that can be completed. We avail real-time traffic information for drivers to help them avoid congested areas and make informed decisions about alternative routes, further reducing delays and improving productivity.

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Driver Selection, Training and Development:

We Provide ongoing training programs to enhance driver skills because well-trained drivers are more efficient, make fewer mistakes, and can handle their responsibilities more effectively. We support our customers select the best drivers and monitor their performance to identify improvement areas and put systems in place to reward and reprimand good and bad respectively, plus give regular feedback and coaching sessions.

Safety and compliance:

Our team ensures that drivers stay up to date on legislation that directly affects their area of operation and the type of fleet used. We also take active steps to advise on how to manage and improve the safety of our clients’ commercial vehicles and drivers. Not only is compliance with regulations critical to avoiding fines and lawsuits, but businesses operate more efficiently when their assets and workers remain safe and healthy.


  • Increased productivity per capita because of improved engagement.
  • Savings on repair and maintenance costs.
  • Improved safety record, zero costs of non-compliance and savings on excess of loss payments.

Other services


We have wide experience in managing Fleets from the most demanding and challenging industries. It is this experience that we replicate for our clients to help them make the best acquisition, maintenance, utilization, tracking, and disposal decisions.

A good fleet budget is one that is properly aligned with your company's goals. When this happens, it's easier to turn your budget into a useful tool for fleet success. To build your budget strategy, we help you to set specific goals for your fleet and align your budget to help reach them.

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Our consulting team will help you get the most benefits from a fuel card system plus track and monitor fuel usage using a Fleet Fuel Management System. The system provides detailed reports on fuel consumption, mileage, and efficiency. We also identify irregularities and instances of fuel theft.