Environmental Social & Governance (ESG)

Safety consciousness

Your business is just one error away from accidental liabilities, asset damage, regulatory fines, litigation, reputational damage, injury or even death of employees. We are risk management champions and, in this area, we apply non-negotiable rules and protocols that have to be followed every day, by everyone operating a company vehicle, anywhere and everywhere.  

Our consideration is to do a preliminary survey, track all accidents and incidents within the company and generate incidence ratings, scores and targets that we then task respective users to do better as organizational learning and practice takes course.

What about the environment?

Carbon emissions: Vehicle emissions are an environmental hazard that Fleet Management needs to consciously look especially because every gallon of petroleum contributes up to 9Kgs of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). The Fleet Consult is intentional about reducing GHG by ensuring our operations promote fuel efficiency, implement eco-driving practices, route optimization and vehicle maintenance practices will ultimately lessen your carbon footprint, and this can be tracked monthly and annually.

Governance in fleet management:

We maintain high ethical standards in our business practices, by use of anti-corruption measures, and transparent reporting. Our robust risk management systems condition us to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks associated with your fleet operations. TFC ensures customers comply with applicable laws and regulations and adhere to industry standards and best practices.


Social aspects of fleet management:

We improve employee safety and well-being by Implementing measures to ensure the safety of drivers and employees, for example, providing appropriate training, and promoting work-life balance. We are ardent advocates of diversity, equal opportunities, and fair treatment of employees within the fleet workforce.  At TFC, we are one with the community and we make certain we operate in a responsible way that contributes to local development and local initiatives. The above have been found to have a great bearing on customer safety later on satisfaction.


  • Safety delivered. Risk management ensures that your drivers and other staff work in a safe environment and don’t put their lives at risk.
  • Regulatory compliance by attending to all legal requirements on the safety of your fleet and drivers. This way, you can avoid the costly fines and legal battles associated with non-compliance.
  • Upholds Brand Reputation.

Other services


We have wide experience in managing Fleets from the most demanding and challenging industries. It is this experience that we replicate for our clients to help them make the best acquisition, maintenance, utilization, tracking, and disposal decisions.

A good fleet budget is one that is properly aligned with your company's goals. When this happens, it's easier to turn your budget into a useful tool for fleet success. To build your budget strategy, we help you to set specific goals for your fleet and align your budget to help reach them.

Gain full-time visibility and access to all facets of individual driver behaviour for teams by use of telematics, and dashcams. We identify improvement areas by measuring driver performance and closing gaps using proactive stakeholder training action plans.