Fleet Audit


Another set of professional eyes can go a long way in uncovering fleet aspects that can hurt or cripple your business. Fleet Audits are instrumental in identifying cost-saving opportunities and enhancing overall fleet performance in the short and long run. 

A fleet audit process measures your fleet’s compliance with policies, financial performance, vehicle maintenance, and safety issues. The goal of a fleet audit is to catch potential issues before they cause problems for your business. 

Our consulting team will assess issues relating to asset life cycle management, maintenance, mechanical status, use, availability, and utilization among others. The assessments are done for every Fleet Asset individually including roadworthiness tests. This culminates in improvement recommendations for your fleet and cost-saving opportunities.

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We consider risk management an ongoing process. By regularly assessing, monitoring, and updating clients’ risk management practices we help them stay ahead of potential issues and avoid accidental liabilities, asset damage, regulatory fines, litigation, and staff injury.

A good fleet budget is one that is properly aligned with your company's goals. When this happens, it's easier to turn your budget into a useful tool for fleet success. To build your budget strategy, we help you to set specific goals for your fleet and align your budget to help reach them.

We have wide experience in managing Fleets from the most demanding and challenging industries. It is this experience that we replicate for our clients to help them make the best acquisition, maintenance, utilization, tracking, and disposal decisions.