Fuel Management

Cost Management Overview


Due to unstable and skyrocketing fuel prices, it is most prudent for companies to get maximum mileage value from every litre of fuel purchased. Fuel management is a daily activity and an ongoing process, and it requires a combination of solutions from technological, investigative, volume rationing, and people alignment.

Reduce fuel costs and increase your business KMs/Ltr:

Because of our experience, The Fleet Consult is best placed to handle your fuel discount negotiation with fuel suppliers and set your company up with a fueling method to ease your fuel purchases and ensure constant and regular refills as and when required with no cash exchange per transaction. We take it a notch higher by making certain company-bought fuel is for fueling company cars, and the mileage generated is indeed business mileage not personal.

Fuel fraud risk:

The risk of fuel fraud is ever present, even among the elite companies with robust systems and MOST times it is perpetrated by the people employed to put controls in place and manage. Sometimes it's out of negligence, protecting a colleague(s) or ignoring small amounts and forgetting their cumulative value and the bigger picture.  Our consulting team will help you navigate this challenge and set you up with visible monitoring tools. You will not look back after seeing your monthly invoices take a downward turn.

Analytics and benchmarking:

We apply tools and technology for analysis and benchmarking to manage your fuel, repairs and maintenance as an ongoing process. Several key actions are done daily, weekly and monthly to ensure we are relentless and proactive rather than reactive. The goal is to anticipate actions before they happen and find fixes or know where to run for exact solutions. Over time, we can trend map and develop predictions based on previous analysis, fleet state and type and this applies to both fuel and repairs and maintenance space.


By putting the right controls in place to manage fuel, repairs and maintenance, you have fewer problems to worry about. We are certain your business can use some of the highlighted benefits below:

  • Direct reduction in fuel expenditure.
  • Fraud management and control leading to compliance with company policies.
  • Ensure approved purchases based on your defined standards, locations, and policies.
  • Seal and prevent fuel leakages of all types.


Our team of consultants will dig into your day-to-day fleet operations details, maintenance records, fuel consumption, driver information, insurance policies, lease agreements, and any relevant documentation and give you improvement recommendations for your business.


We consider risk management an ongoing process. By regularly assessing, monitoring, and updating clients’ risk management practices we help them stay ahead of potential issues and avoid accidental liabilities, asset damage, regulatory fines, litigation, and staff injury.

A good fleet budget is one that is properly aligned with your company's goals. When this happens, it's easier to turn your budget into a useful tool for fleet success. To build your budget strategy, we help you to set specific goals for your fleet and align your budget to help reach them.