Hello and welcome to The Fleet Consult…

  • Hello and welcome to The Fleet Consult…

    As a leader in fleet management, we provide a superior client experience and tailored solutions, along with deep and broad expertise to help our clients achieve extraordinary results. As fleet experts, we make the complicated simple for our clients, allowing them to focus on their business.

    Put your fleet in the hands of our dedicated professionals, who will help you reduce your costs, navigate the ever-changing landscape of fleet management, and manage your business across the entire fleet lifecycle.

    Our Difference: 

    • System Integrations: We help you integrate your fleet with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and this has leads to direct benefits with free flow of communication between business areas, a single source of information, and accurate, real-time data reporting on fleet assets.
    • Tyre trackers: Your tyres will not be switched by users, and they will make the right mileage as the tracker sets users in line with the right tyre management processes.
    • A FleetApp: To help track all fleet faults across the entire company fleet, and interface with users.


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