Our Solutions 2

Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

Reach out to the experts for optimization, procurement, repair & maintenance, fuel management, analytics and reporting, telematics & fleet technology, plus safety and training among other aspects. Our unique experience will give your business an undisputed edge.

Our superior tools for budgeting and reporting will give you greater visibility over your cost of operations and help you make informed decisions because of the actionable information we provide. Our customised fleet dashboard reports will show you priority areas for action.

As part of our innovation and value proposition to our customers, we developed an application to collect individual Fleet Asset faults for the attention of managers and administrators. The Fleet App supports our promise of delivering a preventive maintenance solution for our clients.

Having a system in place to centralise data, automate processes and reporting can go a long way in bringing about the required efficiencies for your company. Our experts will do the process for you from scope determination to achievement of deliverables in stipulated timeframes.

We have a fully-fledged call centre and a monitoring team for your fleet to ensure no user violations will go unchecked. This will positively impact your overall company performance on the road by improving safety and compliance and preventing avoidable downtime.

From our pool of qualified resources, we sort our clients with finding the right candidates quickly for even the most key positions in Transport and Fleet Management, taking care of most of the administrative work and screening processes.