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A true partner to tackle your fleet challenges

Our philosophy is to have a hands-on approach with extensive attention to detail. Whether you call or contact us online, we’ll get back to you in a timely manner and with the right solution so your fleet can stay on the road and on task. The Fleet Consult team combines industry experience, analytical skills, big data, and the latest fleet technologies to provide tailored and innovative fleet management solutions with exceptional service across your entire fleet lifecycle.



On any fleet related aspects, we put ourselves forward to provide consultancy services, business expert guidance and support to optimize your fleet operations, reduce costs, enhance safety, and improve overall efficiency.
Leverage the knowledge and experience of our fleet management professionals, and your organizations shall achieve better control over fleet and achieve operational goals.

Reach out to the experts for optimization, procurement, repair & maintenance, fuel management, analytics and reporting, telematics & fleet technology, plus safety and training among other aspects. Our unique experiences in Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Energy, Education and FMCGs will give your business an undisputed edge.

Fleet Consultancy
Budget tools



Our superior tools for budgeting and reporting will give you greater visibility over your cost of operations and help you make informed decisions because of the actionable information we provide.
Imagine for a moment how it feels knowing much your company has lost in non-work-related mileage and who the responsible person is, plus precisely knowing the cost per Km.

This is the sort of power we intend to put in your hands.
Our specially adapted fleet reporting Dashboard Reports will give you priority areas of action at a glance, everywhere. These nobs and tabs will certainly give you power control and you will feel in charge, possibly for the first time.



Most companies struggle to find a systemized approach to collecting fleet faults early in time before they become outright safety issues or when they are still cheaper to sort.
As part of our innovation and value proposition to our customers, we developed an application to collect individual Fleet Asset faults for the attention of managers and administrators.

As the saying goes, “A stitch at the right time can save many”. This in turn gives our clients the great advantage of getting to know in time and fixing early and cheaper hence reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance and improving the overall safety of their fleet. The Fleet App supports our promise of delivering a preventive maintenance solution for our clients without which fleets are more susceptible to costly malfunctions.

Applications & Analytics
ERP Integrations



Manual processes in fleet management including servicing mileage determination, maintenance data management and paperwork, warrant management, insurance renewal procedures, retirement processes, data management, fleet allocation, and reporting among others bring about delays in executing tasks, data management challenges, and lack of management visibility among other issues.

Having a system in place to centralise data, automate processes and reporting can go a long way in bringing about the required efficiencies for your company. Our Expert Consultants will do the process for you from scope determination to achievement of deliverables in stipulated timeframes.



We have a fully-fledged call centre and a monitoring team for your fleet to ensure no user violations will go unchecked. This will positively impact your overall company performance on the road by improving safety and compliance.

For any company, driver behaviour has a direct bottom line impact. From sharp acceleration, braking and cornering, to excessive idling and speeding, the actions of drivers can affect cost and productivity, as well as an organisation’s safety record and reputation.

Call Centers
Staff Outsourcing & Management



An expert consultant(s) will work as an extension of your team to fully manage your fleet and proactively drive efficiency, safety, compliance, and value. Our team of Strategic Consulting Experts will help with fleet analytics, and big data to provide tailored solutions to optimize your fleet across its entire lifecycle.

By outsourcing these services, you can free up your own staff to focus on more important tasks to generate more revenue as we take charge of the fugal spending on your fleet. Because we are specialists in this do this over and over, it is cheaper, and results come faster. Your company will benefit from an array of innovations we have in this space to make your operations the most efficient and successful.

From our pool of qualified resources, we sort our clients with finding the right candidates quickly for even the most key positions in Transport and Fleet Management, taking care of most of the administrative work and screening processes. Simply put, we help our clients hire and manage fleet management employees.